Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru

Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru

Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru. Selamat siang sahabat blogger kali ini saya akan memosting sebuah game android. game yang bernama A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12. Dari namanya saja sahabat pasti dapat mengira - ngira game apa ini. yups ini adalah sebuah game yang dimana naga menjadi tokoh utamanya.

A Dark Dragon Mod Apk adalah sebuah game android yang berbasis RPG, dimana dalam permainan ini sahabat akan menggerakkan seekor naga hitam yang dapat berjalan kemana pun sahabat mau. Tapi perlu diperhatikan karena disana banyak musuh - musuh yang berkeliaaran, jadi jika sahabat menemukan musuh dalam perjalanan sahabat maka sahabat diharuskan untuk lari atau menjauh dari musuh tersebut. Gimana menarik bukan A Dark Dragon Mod Apk ini ? tunggu apa lagi cepet didownload deh biar sahabat dapat ngerasain sendiri gimana sensaninya main game ini.

Description : 
A darkish Dragon, is a position-gambling, text-based totally recreation that supports a couple of languages.

A darkish Dragon is a first-class promoting text mud RPG game which starts in a darkish room. this is a sport that RPG fanatics must not pass over.

A dark Dragon includes textual content and illustrations, and you may widen your creativeness whilst playing this sport. you may have a unique revel in extending past that of regular cell games, with every gamer’s leisure of “A darkish Dragon” being dependent on their personal imagination. it's miles a unique recreation.

recreation technique:

A dark Island has been infiltrated through the darkish, subsequently it’s name
A Dragon crashed someplace in the woods for the duration of the darkish.
After locating the Dragon known as Mika, you have to get away the island.
There isn't a great deal time left.
it's far impossible for handiest one character to live to tell the tale in this dangerous island.
You need to acquire humans and create a village.
To create a hut in which humans can stay, you need to gather timber.
You ought to positioned traps within the forest to acquire meals and make armor to shield your frame.
while the whole lot is ready, you have to go away to discover the dark woodland with a compass, water, meals and weapons.
After finding the dragon, which the people name “dark Dragon”, you want to break out the island.

You increase the village by way of amassing wooden, starting a fire and constructing a hut. inside the meantime, you seek the island, that is encompassed by using darkish charisma. through exploring around, you can combat monsters and get useful loot. From the start to the quit, it is possible to create your personal tale in line with your picks.

the adventure begins with the darkish Island
the name of the game of the darkish wooded area …
A story complete of hysteria will unfold.
The destiny of the dark island is depending on you. permit’s start the game right now.

Features :
  1. multi-language guide
  2. 10 degrees to explore
  3. text-based function-playing game
  4. Fusion games with village development, rogue-like motion and shooting.

Supported languages :
English, chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Russian


What’s inside the Mod Apk:
limitless money

Screenshot :

Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru

Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru

Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru

Free Download A Dark Dragon Mod Apk V 3.12 terbaru

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